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Something About Stone Island Ice Jacket And Stone Island Reflective Jacket

Crewneck Wool Sweater in Light Green

At the same time, Stone Island sale continues to evolve prolonged to cover more parts: jacket, pants, T-shirts Stone Island Island and shirts. Each one is very particular. Further analysis development is to the fabric, the remedy process and coating and different elements. In 1985, we launched a army cotton referred to as “Raso Gommato”, its surface or bottom accommodates a polyurethane coating. In 1986,Stone Island jacket uses a way cotton satin cloth referred to as “AluC” , the surface accommodates a silver-containing coating. It is those years that is supreme stone island hoodie full of vigorous growth. Stone Island brand shouldn’t be simply a fad, it has turn out to be the objective that each one crazily pursues. Young Italians feel that Stone Island clothes can carry them irresistible tempt, and might display their individuality.

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