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Medusa – Monster Or Mother

Medusa – Monster or Mother
Updated on February 9, 2013 Helen Murphy Howell moreContact Creator Medusa and Greek mythology
Many of us are accustomed to the picture of Medusa from Greek Mythology – a grotesque monster with a head stuffed with squirming snakes. She is also famous for being in a position to show individuals into stone by the drive of her malevolent stare .

Nonetheless, is there more to this unfortunate lady Is she really the monster all of us assume As we shall see, Medusa is far more advanced – and much much less malignant – than we have now been result in consider by, not just the films, but by the Greek patriachs themselves.

Why ought to the true origins of Medusa have been buried below a veneer of ugliness and evil We shall see that there is so much more to her than this hideous stereotype and maybe the real ugliness lies inside the minds and hearts of those who supressed her true origins.

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes Purchase Now In keeping with Greek mythology, Medusa was one in all three daughters born to the sea Titans, Ceto and Phorcys. She was considered essentially the most lovely of the three sisters.They have been also reputed to have the attribute of nice knowledge.

The most well-liked myth referring to Medusa begins when she is a wonderful young girl. She is a virgin priestess in the temple of Athena. Unfortunately for Medusa her beautiful locks of hair and lovely face caught the eye of the sea god Poseidon. She was raped within the temple and fled in despair at the sacrilege committed. But there was no escaping Athena’s rage. The tragic priestess was remodeled into a Gorgon.

The Gorgons are a form of beast that goes again 1000’s of years. The descriptions are also different. Some have -scaly skin, boar’s tusks, vampire-like fangs, lolling tongue, popping eyes. Others have the more well-known appendage of a head of poisonous snakes.

After Medusa was turned right into a Gorgon – as have been both of her sisters – they had been barred to a distant island to remain forever. Medusa nevertheless wouldn’t remain here forever. She was merely mortal however her two sisters were not. Medusa was beheaded by the Greek hero Perseus. Her magical head would then be returned to where her tragic story began in the temple of Athena. When Medusa was decapitated, the problem of her union with the god Poseidon had been born from the bleeding wound .This was Pegasus the winged horse and his brother Chrysoar.

The hero Perseus later married the princess Andromeda – curiously, they named their daughter Gorgonphone after the identify Gorgon.

Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes Buy Now The That means Behind The parable
At first look it would seem that the story of Medusa is straight ahead. Nonetheless when we look more closely we see that she is continually viewed from an opposing angle. For example:

After her transition from human feminine to Gorgon she was continuously seen as a monster and repellent in art and delusion. Nevertheless, many artists additionally depicted her as beautiful and enticing.

She might be the aggressor but she was also a protector. Athena herself had the picture of Medusa on her breastplate, symbolising protection in battle. Many battle leaders, together with Alexander the good, had the pinnacle of Medusa both on their breastplate or shield as an amulet in opposition to enemy attack.

She may deliver life and she also brought dying. That is the traditional function of any ‘Mother Goddess’. Other than giving start to Pegasus and Chrysoar, her right vein additionally had the properties of healing and life. Blood from her left vein was toxic and killed.

In historic instances the top of a Gorgon was frequently used to guard the home in opposition to evil.
Goddess: Mom of Living Nature (Art and Imagination Collection) Purchase Now Medusa the Mom Goddess
Medusa is in actual fact not Greek at all. She was one facet of the Libyan triple goddess who had many names:


Athene or Ath-enna.
Here we are able to clearly see that she is already related to the title Athene – mainly the same title because the Greek ‘Athena’. This facet of the Goddess was later ‘adopted’ into Greek tradition.

Inside the triple goddess aspect we find the maiden, the mom and the crone. Medusa was the crone or destructive facet of the goddess. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that this is only one facet of Medusa. As well as ‘destruction’ does not mean evil or damaging. We must have destruction in order not solely for brand spanking new life to be born, but for the continuation of all life. Indeed her facet as ‘the crone’ meant that she was:

the ‘Wise One’
sovereign feminine knowledge

the Keeper of the Dark Moon Mysteries,
the Goddess of Demise and Rebirth.
Medusa additionally had regenerative powers symbolised by the birds which can be proven in many photographs of her. Birds characterize not solely death but also a transition in to new life.

What in regards to the snakes – the powerful emblem of Medusa These reptiles represented to ancient peoples the cycles of beginning-loss of life-rebirth as symbolised by the shedding of their skin. The shedding of skin was considered as a form of demise/outdated pores and skin; – and rebirth/new pores and skin . The snake and Medusa were also seen as representing the seasons, the earth and the underworld.

One of the oldest of Greek gods is Artemis. She is a Goddess of animals. Like Medusa, her form of killing is a sacred one as this allows for rejuvenation and rebirth. Inside one temple dedicated to Artemis are photographs of Medusa with snakes entwined round her waste – the symbolism for ‘healing’. Artemis is commonly depicted carrying the ‘mask’ of Medusa. This was also referred to as the mask of the Gorgon or of Hecate. One of many early associations with Artemis is with the goddess Hecate.

There are additionally figures of the Mom Goddess Cybele that look just like Medusa. Cybele was the goddess of wild animals and fertile nature. Here we see Medusa acquainted with the ‘mother’ facet. And total we will see how Medusa was part of the good Triple Goddess, the supreme mom of Earth and the heavens.

Sadly, the patriarchal Greeks took, what they considered as, the constructive facets of the triple goddess – the maiden – and created Athena. Metis the mom aspect grew to become actual ‘mom’ to Athena inside the Greek myths. Medusa was segregated from both and right into a monster/dying aspect. Stone Island Clothes In impact when Perseus ‘executed’ Medusa it was the symbolic killing of the good Mom goddess to be changed by the supreme male deity Zeus. In addition, the autonomy and place of girls within Greek society was also relegated. Medusa was then written into the Greek myths because the dangerous female ogre we are accustomed to as we speak.

Maybe the next time we see an creative impression, stone carving or a film showing Medusa as the villain and monster – we shall be sympathetic and remember she started life as a maiden, grew to become a mother and only a monster because of a change from a matriarch to a patriarch society.

© 2011 Helen Murphy Howell
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Hi Eddy, many thanks for stopping by and glad you loved the hub!!

Eiddwen four years ago from Wales
Wow a beautiful gripping lesson advised and presented brilliantly. I vote up and share. This is to so many extra to come.

AuthorHelen Murphy Howell four years in the past from Fife, Scotland

Hi mpefley,
First of all apologies for taking so lengthy to respond – it’s been a kind of weeks!

Secondly, many thanks for stopping by and for leaving such an attention-grabbing remark. It is refreshing to examine Medusa being defended and upheld as she must be, quite than downgraded as she almost at all times is.

I think from what you have written that you clearly have a powerful bond with Medusa/Mother Goddess/Triple Goddess. I found it fascinating that you’ve the Medusa facet as a information and this can be of curiosity to me on a personal level – many years in the past a psychic painting that was made for me depicted Medusa as my foremost spiritual guide. The face was stunningly lovely however in a manner additionally beyond mere magnificence. The snakes around her head were full of energy, color, magnificence, data and ‘realizing’ – this would possibly sound a bit obscure but it’s the only manner I can put into phrases what cannot really be explained in language. And sure I agree, she has an ‘wonderful presence’. I have all the time had an curiosity in her and definitely felt that there was far more to her than the ogre that we have all been brainwashed into believing. I hope to that my article has gone at the least some solution to rectifying how she is viewed.

I hope you like your tatoo that you are getting and I am certain it will only enhance the bond you have along with her. Many thanks again for stopping by and in your fascinating comment.

mpefley 4 years ago
Medusa didn’t turn folks to stone. She stopped them of their tracks along with her gorgeous beauty and power. They were temporarily paralyzed. However she was additionally very fierce. She had to be as the protector and guardian. Unfortunately her energy and beauty were so intimidating to males that they beheaded her out of worry. Of course, when they have been carrying her head around for months – she appeared grotesque. I Determine along with her. we’re still in a male dominated society. I am continually attacked by men who fear me (and probably wish to behead me). Medusa says she was too fierce – that is what destroyed her. She tells me to calm my fierce side – and she helps me. I’m getting a tattoo of Medusa – I feel her superb presence. She was so sadly – betrayed.

You’re welcome Seeker. Cheers
Hello arthurchappell,

I agree with you, stone island xl I had no thought how much there was to her story – a unhappy one as properly. I’ve always been fascinated with the symbolism of Medusa however the amount of information was superb. I all the time like to look into myths which are at all times painted darkish and all bad, and also you usually discover that they by no means started out that manner, Medusa is some extent in case. Many thanks for stopping by and in your comment – a lot appreciated.

arthurchappell 6 years ago from Manchester, England
fascinating Hub – I knew among the story as I’ve used Medusa in some of my writings from pre-Hub days however tons of new info for me right here too

ImChemist 6 years in the past
Good photos thanks for sharing it.

Hi attemptedhumour,
Nice to have you stop by. Thanks for the very fascinating remark, there is quite a bit of fact in what you say. Many thanks.

attemptedhumour 6 years in the past from Australia
She had a horrible time by the sounds of it. I am sure the ethical of the story is not to lie back and take it, however poor Medusa would have no doubt had a distinct final result had she. Fascinating stuff for someone who left faculty at fourteen. Thanks Seeker.

AuthorHelen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland
Howdy Dr. Amilia,

Good of you to drop by – thanks. I discover it sad as properly and was actually shocked that there was so much of a narrative to this delusion.

Dr. Amilia 6 years in the past
How unhappy, I did not know.

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