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Blue Crabs: My Greatest Crabbing Spots In Florida

Ribbed Standing Collar Button Placket Wool Sweater In GreyOkay, here’s the most effective spot in Florida that I’ve discovered for blue crabs. It’s in a tidal creek referred to as Simpson Creek, located between the southern tip of Amelia Island and Jacksonville. In case you head south from Amelia Island on First Coast Freeway, begin looking for the creek about three or four miles after you cross Nassau Sound Bridge.

You’ll need a small boat to get these big boys, and i do mean large boys! There was sort of a boat ramp there, however I didn’t see a driveway for autos when I used to be there at present, although the dirt highway just north of the creek bridge might lead to one. In any other case, you may want a kayak or canoe.

These were the biggest blue crabs I’d ever seen, and i found them quite by accident.
Allow me to clarify. Years in the past, my ex and i had been trolling in a small boat for redfish, trout, and flounder. We went pretty far up the creek, in direction of the east, and we found a deep pool. We decided to anchor and do some casting. Hubby caught a four ½ foot-lengthy shark, and he determined to haul it into our fourteen-foot bass boat. Do the math! This was not a very good situation, and I was not a cheerful camper. “Jaws Junior” wasn’t blissful, either. In fact, it was downright hostile. It started stone island tracksuit 2016 thrashing about, flipping its tail, and chomping at all the things inside reach of its pointy teeth. The ex- was unfazed. He was decided to get some nice shark fillets.

Once the shark was killed and we had caught our breath, we observed the shark injury. Fishing gear, soda cans, and papers had been scattered within the water. As we were cleaning up, I observed a giant blue crab inspecting a paper wrapper of some sort. As I watched, fascinated, another bruiser started preventing the primary crab for the paper. Now, I’ve never been one to disregard an opportunity, so I decided to present the shelled warriors something better to chew on. I tied a bit of minimize mullet to a section of fishing line, and into the brine it went – proper next to the boat. These two crabs latched onto that smelly mullet like it was the best deal with on the planet. Heck, they were so voracious that I didn’t even have to make use of stone island tracksuit 2016 a dip web! In case you loved this informative article and you wish to receive more information concerning Shadow generously visit the internet site. They hung on long sufficient for me to drop them into our large cooler. This occurred again and again, till our ice chest virtually runneth over. We had a blue crab feast! I’ve returned to about the identical spot several occasions, and i had great success repeatedly. Once i used chicken necks, I even caught a number of stone crabs together with the blue, so we loved a blue crab and stone crab claws “pig out.”

Why is this such a great spot for crabs I’ve thought about this rather a lot. We have been pretty far up the creek, and the crabs seemed fully unafraid of us, so possibly they don’t come in touch with many people. Additionally, I don’t suppose there’s much crabbing strain there. I’ve by no means seen anyone else crabbing in the creek. In reality, I’ve not often seen more than a few fishermen there at anyone time. The crabs most likely have entry to a lot of meals, too, as the creek is considerable with fish. Rut-roh – good thing we’re headed to Florida for some fishing and crabbing in two weeks. I’m craving steamed blue crabs now!

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