STONE ISLAND Softshell Jacket Gentle Soft Shell-R Navy

Ribbed Neck Stone Island Sweater Men Red With Colorful Embellishment

The label Stone Island was founded in 1982 by Italian designer Massimo Otti as a secondary line for the C.P. Company assortment. The brand grew to become initially known for its pioneering function in the area of specialist dye methods and distinctive floor treatments. Stone Island Shop To today, the label is synonymous for high-tech innovation, its willingness to experiment, which it has not misplaced in over 30 years, and its pioneering strategy to fabric development and washing methods. The name Stone Island is to convey the freedom of life on an island and the immutable strength of rocks. Stone Island’s most recognisable trademark characteristic is the removable compass badge – a rectangular patch with a compass motif. Stone Island is an icon of men’s sportswear.

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