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A tradition of analysis, experimentation, operate and use are the matrixes which have all the time defined Stone Island: the sportswear brand established in 1982, stone island shadow project gore tex designed to develop into a symbol of excessive research on fibres and textiles, applied to an innovative design. Season after season, it is through the research of kind and the “manipulation” of the matter that Stone Island has found its personal language with the intention of establishing new boundaries on this planet of garment making. The study of uniforms and of labor wear, its evolution in keeping with new necessities of use, has develop into Stone Island’s observation post for defining a undertaking during which the clothes item’s function is never simply aesthetic. An ongoing investigation, thorough and without frontiers, on the processing and ennobling of fibres and textiles, leading to find materials and manufacturing strategies by no means used before in the clothes trade. Jackets constructed in nylon monofilament, deriving from the water filtering technology. Highly reflective or thermo-sensitive fabrics, altering colour with the variation of temperature. Featherweight polyester cloth vacuum- coated with a one hundred% stainless steel film utilized in aviation technology to guard the on-board computers. Non-woven materials, Kevlar® and polyester felt, rhomboidal nets in polyester utilized in the construction business and coated in polyurethane. These are some examples of materials conceived by Stone Island philosophy. Stone Island’s strength can also be based mostly on the unique capacity to intervene on the finished merchandise, through the steady tests on dyeing and remedies carried out within the Sportswear Company’s laboratory of colour. A division ready to combine superior know-how, expertise and human capacity and that has developed more than 60,000 different recipes of dyes throughout the years. All the accumulated knowledge and expertise, an inalienable heritage, on which nice part of Stone Island’s know-how relies, is saved in the historic archive that collects the trial tests, stone island shadow project gore tex and the recipes for textile dyeing and dealing with which have been developed by all these folks who have labored on this venture with ardour.

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