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Stari Grad Accommodation And Journey Guide

Stari Grad (Pharos) is the oldest city in Croatia. The same year – 384 b.c. when greek philoshoper Aristotel stone island parka coat was born in Trakia, the greeks from the island of Paros in Agean sea have settled stone island parka coat the town on the island of Hvar, and named it Pharos.

Stari Grad (eng. “old town”) is historical heart of the island of Hvar. The city is situated in a landscape the place the blue of the deep bay touches the green of the large an famous area of Pharos, with vineyards and olive-groves. The fields used to provide sustenance and the bay provided protection.
Today, each the fields and the bay add a beautiful quality to the island, in which the fashionable vacation sights have turn out to be intertwined with the antiquities of the city and of the island.

Due to its position in the middle of the Hvar island, for centuries Stari Grad was a secure harbour to sailors, which have been welcomed by city inhabitants on harbour promenade. Stari Grad bay is still regulary visited by a lot of the travellers on boats passing trough middle Dalmatia.

The town is surrounded with pine tree forest and cooled with summer time breeze (maestral). In the new summer season days it is without doubt one of the rare Dalmatian places the place the air is contemporary and the sleep refreshing. A thousand years lengthy history of the City has left many monuments within the urban structure of the Town.

A stroll through the Stari Grad heart, slim streets and small squares brings the whisperings of the previous times. The rooms and apartments in personal houses in Stari Grad are mostly situated on the north part of the Stari Grad bay, underneath the small Glavice hill.

Currently, the previous stone houses have been renewed by inhabitants, and provided for rent which proved to achieve success symbiosis of previous time spirit and modern facilities.

At the south side of the bay there are buildings from Austo -Hungarian instances, and behind them are situated separate homes with gardens.

Still forward to the Stari Grad ferry station, between outdated town and city seaside Lanterna, there’s residential space “Boric” with more then 30% of Stari Grad accommodation facilities. The area is surrounded by pine bushes and it’s just one hundred m from the Lanterna seaside.

The bay and the sphere contributed over the centuries with its fruit to the wealth and the attraction of Stari Grad. On this unique city trendy vacationer facilities stimulate together with the historic an cultural heritage the fantasy, which calls to be found.

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