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Richest American Cities On Long Island, New York

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Richest American Cities On Long Island, New York
Updated on February 15, 2016 Patty Inglish moreMs. Inglish is an award-winning Employment jq(‘#hide_route_39562042’).show(); jq(‘#route_options_39562042’).show(); showRouteAndDirections(39562042); return false;” id=”show_route_39562042″>show route and directionshide route and directionsShow driving directionswalking directionsbicycling directions with distances in mileskilometers

NYC – New York, NY, USA get directionsNYC offers a larger number of job postings than any other place in the USA.

Seattle – Seattle, WA, USA get directions
San Francisco – San Francisco, CA, USA get directions

Los Angeles – Los Angeles, CA, USA get directions
{“lat”:41.178486,”lng”:-98.212677,”zoom”:3,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:78587,”lat”:”40.712784″,”lng”:”-74.005943″,”name”:”NYC”,”address”:”New York, NY, USA”,”description”:”NYC offers a larger number of job postings than any other place in the USA.”,”id”:78588,”lat”:”47.606209″,”lng”:”-122.332069″,”name”:”Seattle”,”address”:”Seattle, WA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:78589,”lat”:”37.774929″,”lng”:”-122.419418″,”name”:”San Francisco”,”address”:”San Francisco, CA, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:78590,”lat”:”34.052235″,”lng”:”-118.243683″,”name”:”Los Angeles”,”address”:”Los Angeles, CA, USA”,”description”:””]} Comparison: Pacific Coast Wealth
On the Pacific Coast, several of the Top 25 Wealthiest are located in California, and a few are scattered around the Midwest and West.

Overwhelmingly, the richest places of our country are along the American Atlantic and Pacific Coastlines.

This wealth reflects the importance of water to shipping and passenger transporation since the beginning of the US, and to Travel and Tourism. These waterways provide not only beach recreation, but retail, dining, and accommodation businesses along waterfronts that are constantly under revitalization – not only to treat erosion, but to update communities and develop mandated Enterprise and Empire Zones nearby for increasing jobs and business presence. Most of these rich towns, waterfront or not, maintain a system of National Historic Landmarks as well.

The Area of Oyster Bay, Long Island
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Oyster Bay NY – Oyster Bay, NY, USA get directions
Brookville NY – Brookville, NY, USA get directions

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory – Carnegie Institute, Syosset, NY 11791, USA get directions
{“lat”:40.863819,”lng”:-73.536606,”zoom”:11,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:16714,”lat”:”40.865654″,”lng”:”-73.532066″,”name”:”Oyster Bay NY”,”address”:”Oyster Bay, NY, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:16712,”lat”:”40.823990″,”lng”:”-73.547623″,”name”:”Muttontown NY”,”address”:”Muttontown, NY, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:16713,”lat”:”40.813156″,”lng”:”-73.567345″,”name”:”Brookville NY”,”address”:”Brookville, NY, USA”,”description”:””,”id”:16716,”lat”:”40.859711″,”lng”:”-73.468796″,”name”:”Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory”,”address”:”Carnegie Institute, Syosset, NY 11791, USA”,”description”:””]} Muttontown and Oyster Bay maintain a listing of over 100,000 job postings within a 25-mile radius.

Muttontown, Long Island
In Nassau County, Muttontown is a village inside of the town of Oyster Bay. It sits between two other of the wealthierst places in the US: Brookville on the east and Oyster Bay Cove on the northwest. The three communities are clustered closely together, having been sheep-grazing land early in the European settlement of what became New York State. Another farm animal, ducks, have been a large animal crop in Suffolk County, just east of Nassau County and Muttontown.

King Zog’s Castle Ruins in Muttontown Preserve
Muttontown Area Attractions
The Friends of Cedarmere, Inc. – CEDARMERE | Friends of Cedarmere, Inc. website home

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory – Founded in 1890, CSHL is a private, non-profit institution with research programs in cancer, neuroscience, plant biology, genomics, and bioinformatics and a broad educational mission.

Eisenhower Park | Nassau County, NY – Official Website
The Muttontown Club – East Norwich, NY

Muttontown Horsemen
Nassau County Museum of Art – Nassau Museum is an important cultural resource bringing to Nassau County a range of visual experiences and quality art education programs with particular emphasis on the 19th, 20th, and 21st century art.

Planting Fields Arboretum State Historic Park and Coe Hall
The Sands Point Preserve – A Gold Coast Treasure

Stone Hill at Muttontown – Preserved Mansions
West of Oyster Bay: Holocaust Memorial, Tolerance, and Educational Center
Holocaust Memorial, Tolerance, Educational Center of Nassau County;Welwyn Preserve 100 Crescent Beac – 100 Crescent Beach Road, Glen Cove, NY 11542, USA get directions

{“lat”:40.878277,”lng”:-73.641388,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:78592,”lat”:”40.878082″,”lng”:”-73.641502″,”name”:”Holocaust Memorial, Tolerance, Educational Center of Nassau County;Welwyn Preserve 100 Crescent Beac”,”address”:”100 Crescent Beach Road, Glen Cove, NY 11542, USA”,”description”:””]} Holocaust: A History Buy Now Holocaust Memorial, Tolerance, Educational Center
The memorial organization at connects the Jewish Holocaust that also affected Blacks and GLBT with other mass genocides and ethnic maltreatment in the world: African Slaves in America, Indigenous Peoples’ maltreatment globally, and today’s bullying, among others. Multimedia interactive exhibits are available online and in person, including a Holocaust Library.

Holocaust Memorial Center
Holocaust Memorial Center, 100 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542 – 100 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542, USA get directions

{“lat”:40.878082,”lng”:-73.64151,”zoom”:16,”mapType”:”ROADMAP”,”markers”:[“id”:81322,”lat”:”40.878082″,”lng”:”-73.641502″,”name”:”Holocaust Memorial Center, 100 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542″,”address”:”100 Crescent Beach Rd, Glen Cove, NY 11542, USA”,”description”:””]} Oyster Bay Library and Octagon Hotel
Click thumbnail to view full-size Genetic History of Corn
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Research efforts at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory create new technologies, products, and services in human and animal cancer prevention and treatment, neurological diseases, plant and animal biology, and genomics and bioinformatics related to disease and health.Thsi includes an entire history of corn crop genetics.

The facility possesses the first DNA Learning Center in the nation, from which the latest information concerning DNA research is distributed to the public.

Genetic research at this institution began at the beginning of the 20th C. and James Watson of the Crick-Watson 1953 DNA discovery partnership became director in 1968. Retired, he still speaks to classes and public workshops.

One of the triumphs of the Laboratory is the successful treatment of facial cancers that were killing off the Tasmanian Devil. Treatment was made possible through the discovery of a gene impacting the initiation and proliferation of these cancers. Another achievement is the production of healthier, disease-resistant corn.

Muttontown Preserve and Other Venues on Long Island
Town of Oyster Bay
The Oyster Festival – Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
The Oyster Festival, one of the East Coasts largest waterfront festivals, and a key fundraising event for local charities, returns to Long Island’s North Shore with a mixture of new activities and old favorites certain to entertain the entire family

Friends of the Bay – keeping the Oyster (and more) in Oyster Bay.
Oyster Bay Estuary Water Quality, a project of Friends of the Bay, tests and monitors 19 sites throughout the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Estuary

WFC – The WaterFront Center, Oyster Bay, NY – Long Island Sound: Sailing, Boating, Marine Education,

Oyster Bay maintains a number of historic landmarks since its first discovery by Europeans in the early 1520s. The Dutch settlers purchased some of the surrounding land from Native Americans in 1639 and made it over into an agricultural area. In the early 20th C.Theodore Roosevelt lived in Oyster Bay at a home called Sagamore Hill. This mansion is one of the National Historic Landmarks open to the public in Oyster Bay today.

Sagamore Hill: The Roosevelt Dining Room
Job Market Snapshot: Increases 2011 – 2015
During May 2011, over 199,000 job listings appeared, but by February 2015, 277,000 jobs were listed as available within 25 miles of Muttontown, itself an all-residential village.

A few additional vacant positions were open in the Town of Muttontown for housekeeping and other services needed by residents.

The largest numbers of open advertised positions were stone island micro reps down sale available at IMB, JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Pricewaterhouse Cooper, Staples, Citi Corp.Mount Sinai Medical Center, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health, Columbia University, additional banks and finance houses, Bloomberg, and the entertainment industry.

Nearby Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is increasing its genetic research programs and will likely expand in relation positions and fellowships in the 2010s.

Top 10 Hot Jobs for Muttontown and Munsey Park
Project Managers

Dentists and Assistants
Business Analysts

Administrative and Executive Assistants
CDL Truck Drivers

Registered Nurses (RNs)
Account Executives

Java Developers
Account Managers

Sales Representatives
Additional High Demand Jobs:
Garment-Dyed Cotton Pique Twin Tipped Polo Shirt In WhitePhysical Therapists, Directors, Senior and Staff Accountants, Sales Managers, Financial Analysts, Controllers.

The Man Behind The Brand – On The Box Buy Now Higher Education
C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University – 3 miles west of Muttontown, in Brookville. This campus is named for the famous cereal tycoon that spent time as a patient at the infamous Kellogg Institute in Battle Creek, Michigan. He came away with a business idea and product development skills that produced a fortune. The land for the school was purchased from the Post heirs and the school opened in the mid-1950s.

In addition to over 250 degree and certification programs, this campus is involved in important research in the following topics:

The Environment – Long Island’s beaches and woodlands

Quality of Life studies in international communities
Nutrition and Kidney Disease

Animal Migration
Dedicated specialized education centers focus on Poetry, Aging, Business, Gifted Youth, Korea, Literacy, Writing, Social Inclusion, and others. An honors programs takes students into the field to experience Long Island natural habitats, museums, and arts/culture venues. At the same time, continuing and adult education is an important compenent of the university’s schools.

Tilles Center for the Performing Arts on the C.W. Post Campus is the best concert venue in this part of Long Island. Internationally famous stars of music and film perform here around the academic year.

Transportation in Oyster Bay
MTA – Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Long Island Railroad to and from Oyster Bay

Nassau Bus/Long Island Bus
Muncey Park, Long Island
Muncey Park, incorporated in 1931, is about 8 miles southwest of Muttontown and tied for the place of 13th Wealthiest Town in America. It is even closer to the NYC/Manhattan job market than Muttontown and enjoys access to approximately the same or larger numbers of job listings as its wealthy neighbor.

A large shopping mall is located in and near Muncey Park, called the Miracle Mile of the North Shore, it is the Americana Manhassett.

Muncey Park
show route and directionshide route and directionsShow driving directionswalking directionsbicycling directions with distances in mileskilometers

Muncey Park NY – Munsey Park, NY, USA get directions
Muttontown NY – Muttontown, NY, USA get directions

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