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The Library Of Alexandria

Ptolemaios Soter, (ruler of Egypt 323-283 BCE) began the building of the library of Alexandria. It was destined to be the best library ever for several hundred years. He also built the temple of the Muses from which the phrase ‘museum’ derives. His intention was to gather the world’s most necessary scrolls below the same roof, and translate them to Greek.

Stone Island Hat Military GreenThe Library deserves some thoughts by any one who appreciates any type of written information, but in addition as a result of it has been the best lost of data, ever. It was below the safety of all of the Kings and Queens of the Ptolemaic dynasty, and was regularly increasing.

The library is believed to have saved four hundred,000 to seven-hundred,000 parchment scrolls. Beside the head library constructing, the temple Serapis, located in another part of town, was used as a library too, housing about some 10% of the whole holdings. There isn’t a real agreement in regards to the time of the destruction of the library, though all references agree that it was burnt, in all probability at several occasions. In accordance with Plutarchos, (47-127 CE), the library was destroyed in forty seven-forty eight BCE by Julius Caesar. If this is true, it might have been solely partly destroyed since there’s evidence of the library’s existence after that.

The destruction has in all probability taken place at several occasions in the course of the fanatic sweep ordered by Christian emperors and executed by Christian bishops and mobs. The destruction was later accomplished by the Moslems. The library’s motto, The place of the cure of the soul, was not permitted by the Bible, neither by the Koran.

381 CE. Emperor Flavius Theodosius (378-395 CE) outlawed visits to the old temples. Public talks on religious matters have been now not allowed. He ordered the destruction of all pagan temples and the extermination of hundreds of non-Christians in the whole Roman Empire. In Egypt the task was assigned to the Patriarch of Alexandria Theophilus (385-412 CE) and in Cyprus to bishop of Salamis, Epiphanius (315 – 403 CE). Each launched a program of heavy persecutions against non-Christians. No place of worship remained, no stone upon another, no philosophers opposing the new religion.

At that time, round 391 CE, the temple of Serapis was converted to a Christian church and the parchments therein have been in all probability destroyed.

Laurence Gardner says about Theophilus within the Misplaced Secrets and techniques of the Sacred Ark, p. 89: Led by the Roman-appointed Bishop Theophilus, they marched upon the Serapeum, the place the gathering was held in the great Library of Alexandria, and razed it to the bottom so as to clear the sphere for the doctrines of new Church-accepted literature. In this regard, Rome was mentioned to have crucified the serpent of knowledge, simply as Jesus (a purveyor of that wisdom) had been crucified by the identical establishment. Theodosius has secured a place within the history books as one of the vital iniquitous, equally most manipulated, Emperors. Perhaps the chief messenger Michael was still in Constantinople! Theodosius edict regarding Epiphanius says:…the one that will not obey pater Epiphanius have no proper to keep living on the island. The non-Cypriot Epiphanius threatened to deport folks from their birthplace until they transformed to Christianity!

Bishop Cyril of Alexandria (378-444 CE), who was a cousin of Theophilus and succeeded him after his death, led Christian mobs towards each Jews and pagans. (The Pagans were all individuals with religions other than Judaism or Christianity). The Jewish synagogues had been leveled to the bottom and the Jews driven from the city. One other Christian mob, probably ordered by Cyril too, attacked and murdered the good philosopher and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria (ca 370-414 CE).

We’ve the cruel particulars about her death handed down by Sokrates Scholasticus within the Ecclesiastical History from cosmopolis-website says:… and dragging her from the carriage, they took her to the church known as Caesareum, the place they utterly stripped her, after which murdered her with tiles. After tearing her physique in pieces, they took her mangled limbs to a place known as Cinaron, and there burnt them.

The yr was 414 CE within the fourth yr of Cyril’s episcopate. Utilizing a widely known building, the Caesareum as church, witnesses that the Christians of these occasions have been so unorganized they didn’t even have churches of the type we’ve as we speak. Wisdomworld-website says about Cyril: Cyril has come down in Christian history as one of many “Saints” of the Church, regardless of the well-known undeniable fact that he was tried for stealing the gold and silver Church vessels and spending the money gained from their sale. However petty thievery has not earned for the title of Cyril of Alexandria its darkish immortality in the annals of religious history. His real crime was rather more critical-the crime of murder, deliberately perpetrated towards one of many noblest characters in historical past: Hypatia, the final of the Neoplatonists.

That was additionally the end of the Neoplatonic faculty of Alexandria. Plato, who based the academy in Athens, some thousand years earlier, would by no means dream that his philosophical concepts would threaten the most highly effective man on Earth, the ruler Enlil/Yahweh. In fact, not solely Plato and the Neoplatonists had been threatening his plans for dominion over the human race, but in addition each freethinking person.

Paulus Orosius (385-420 CE), a historian and theologian acknowledged in his ‘History against the pagans’ the following regarding the Serapeum: At this time there exist in temples books chest, which we ourselves have seen, and, when these temples have been plundered, these, we are informed, had been emptied by our personal males in our time, which, certainly, is a true assertion. The destroyers have been proud by destroying the accumulated knowledge of the time within the identify of Yahweh. The remains of the library that survived the Christian mobs have been destroyed in the title of Allah.

In keeping with different sources, stone island metal shirt the great library, or the stays of it, was destroyed in 640 CE by Amr, the chief of the Islamic forces that attacked and took Egypt, after the command of Caliph Omar.

On the query of Amr, on what to do with the books of the nice library, Caliph Omar is purported to have answered that the books needs to be destroyed as a result of: They are going to both contradict the Koran, in which case they’re heresy, or they may agree with it, so they’re superfluous. Then the paperwork are purported to have been used as tinder within the bathhouse for a number of months! Among the many treasury books lost through the burning of the royal library, were most of the forty two books of Directions, or the forty two Books of Thoth (Hermes Trismegistos), as they are higher recognized. A few of them described how to attain “immortality”, amongst different themes.

So as to determine the great significance of the library and its contribution to human development, we current a listing of a number of the philosophers and scientists who had been working at, or represented in the nice library. Without doubt, the great misplaced of information has neutralized human improvement enormously.

Anaximander (ca 610-547 BCE) stated that “the Earth is like a globe and it’s orbiting the Solar.” Whereas Anaximander might freely categorical his opinion, the Catholic Church imprisoned and burned at the stake the philosopher, mathematician and astronomer Giordano Bruno, some two thousand years later! He too believed that Earth was orbiting the Solar. In keeping with the Catholic Church, he had also erroneous opinions concerning the Trinity and about Christ’s divinity and Incarnation. How may Earth orbit the Solar Wasn’t it against the will of the Catholic Church

Pythagoras (580-520 BCE), not solely accepted the teachings of Anaximander, he was also instructing in regards to the discoveries of this great man.

Plato (427-347) BCE (a number of dates exist) was a philosopher who founded the Academy, the first college in Athens (388 BCE) that flourished for over 900 years. The Academy was closed after order from the Christian Roman Emperor Justinian in 529 CE. Plato was, like Socrates and Aristoteles, devoted to philosophy and science and concepts about ethical. The reasons for closing down had been that the ideas of the Academy have been in conflict with the dogmas of Yahweh!

Empedokles (494-434 BCE) mentioned that the moon is orbiting the Earth and the moon “had no gentle of its personal” but it’s “borrowed.”

Demokretos (460-370 BCE) in regards to the darkish marks on the moon: “They’re the shadows of great mountains and valleys.” Also that “in house, there are way more planets than we will see.” He can be thought-about to be the father of the atomic concept.

Aristarchos from Samos (310-230 BCE) said that not solely the Earth was orbiting the Solar but in addition all the other planets in the solar system have been doing the identical. Earth was additionally rotating across its personal axel, and that the space between Earth and other stars, was great behind imagination.

Euclid of Alexandria (323-283 BCE) wrote the elements of geometry.
Archimedes (287-212 BCE) was a mathematician astronomer, engineer, philosopher, and physicist. It was probably within the library of Alexandria he invented the screw-shaped water pump, one of the only a few innovations that survived the destruction by the organized criminality of the Christian mobs.

Heron of Alexandria (1st century around sixty two CE, several dates exist) was a mathematician with nice pursuits in engineering and mechanics. He constructed several kinds of “machines” for each civil and army use, of which probably the most known is the steam turbine referred to as “aeolipile.” His most famous work in mathematics was the Proposition 1.Eight of his work “Metrica” known at present as the Heron Formulation.

Even when we now know that the persecution of individuals and the destruction of information was ordered by Christian Emperors and executed by Christian Fathers and Christian mobs, it’s not fairly true. The Christian Emperors acted in response to directions given to them by the Yahweh family, much in the identical method the Sumerian kings acted in response to the will of the same family. The alien excessive commander of Earth Enlil/Yahweh remains to be ruling the world by way of scientific utilized mind control!

It is not troublesome to think about the nice quantity of lost data destroyed by religious fanaticism, and how that lost has been delaying human improvement.

Previous Sumerian, Babylonian and Greek paperwork, in addition to a number of outstanding authors support the connection between the Sumerian god Enlil (human-alien) and the god Yahweh of the Christian Bible. The message is sort of clear: Yahweh is a god amongst many different gods, but not God!

Many scholars claim that the essential factor was not whom we should always blame for the destruction of the library however the fact that the accumulated data of the time was endlessly misplaced. I am not so sure about that. The destroyers have been probably both Christians and Moslems. It is equally vital to establish their accountability as a result of they acted below the influence of scientific thoughts control exercised by the identical God! The historical past data regarding the destruction of the accumulated data of the time, the library of Alexandria, should embody Enlil/Yahweh as the real instigator and chargeable for the destruction.

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