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Creative Design Stone Island Men Sweater With Knitting Techniques

This wonderful JACKET Changes Color WHEN HEAT MAKES stone island membrana tc hooded jacket ANY CONTACT WITH JACKET Hence HAND PRINTS WHICH FADE AWAY WITH Jackets TEMPERATURE CHANGE. FROM Darkish CHARCOAL Gray TO A very Light Gray SO EEFECTIVELY 2 JACKETS In a single Amazing STONE ISLAND WHITE SNOWFLAKE EMBLEM BADGE Artwork. 591544399 Stone Island Thermo Delicate Jacket Change color according to the temperature Knitted cuffs Adjustable hem Water and wind resistant Hid hood in the stone island membrana tc hooded jacket collar Stone Island 100% Polyester A water and wind resistant polyurethane film is embedded with micro-encapsulated pigments. The molecules of those pigments modify the passage of mild and color morph in relation to temperature modifications. The film is bonded to a light polyester mesh base and used to construct a garment insulated by a polyester fibre quilting. Features a hid hood with a full zip and snap entrance closure. Two front pockets. Ribbed inner cuffs. Limited version white and black compass badge. Color changes from mild gray to black when cold.

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