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Does The Bible Support The Doctrine Of An Age Of Accountability

This writing is devoted to Titi. An Indonesian lady living in the jungles of Borneo, and the mother of four who not too long ago experienced the loss of two of her young sons to jungle fever. And to men and women everywhere who’ve recognized the ache of the loss of a small little one. Could the God of all comfort, by the Holy Spirit comfort Titi and others who grieve, that they could also be able to accept and believe God’s revealed reality. That of their sorrow they could find an anchor for his or her souls in believing God’s promises, and the acknowledgment of the goodness of His plan. For He’s in control.

This teaching begins with a small story.
I don’t rightly recall the year with exactness, it was somewhere round 1997. My daughter Hanna was on the time about thirteen, possibly 14 years of age. I don’t at the moment remember the supply, but I had obtained a duplicate of The Peace Little one. A ebook telling the story of how a missionary named Don Richardson together with his spouse Carol had been used of God to convey the gospel to a stone-age people group in the tropical rain forests of what’s now referred to as Papua New Guinea, an island nation found immediately north of the nation and continent of Australia. I had been very moved by the story, and as fortune would have it this identical Don Richardson was to be the important thing speaker at a missions convention in Fairbanks, Alaska. Since this was only a 300 mile drive away from our home, my daughter Hanna and i decided to take a position a weekend to hear what this man had to say. We knew nobody at church that was internet hosting the event, but they acquired us warmly and offered from amongst their members a spot for us to stay for the weekend.

Mr. Richardson’s talking began with him offering a claim that he believed he might to the satisfaction of any pondering particular person show that the Almighty would at the top of all things be proven to have gained not solely a ethical victory over the evil one, but a quantitative victory as effectively. That means, that not only will the Lord be shown to be pure and true, and the satan completely corrupt, however that it will also be proven that way more souls of men have found refuse within the salvation of our Lord then the souls of males who’ve gone the way in which of the evil one. He additional famous that his claim appeared to be exactly opposite to the phrases of Jesus discovered as apart of Jesus’ famous “sermon on the mount” recorded in Matthew 7:Thirteen-14, which reads as follows. Enter ye in at he straight gate; for wide is the gate, and broad is the best way, that leadeth to destruction, and plenty of there be that go in there at, because strait is the gate and slender is the best way, which leadeth to life, and few there be that go in thereat. I must say that Mr. Richardson had my consideration. For I used to be very acquainted with the words of Jesus found in Matthew 7:Thirteen-14, and I used to be involved to listen to the explanation of his claim.

Mr. Richardson then said a declare that was to be the inspiration for the bigger assertion that God can be proven at the end of time to have won the quantitative victory over Satan. This declare being that by means of the course of human historical past 60 to 70% of all individuals who had been conceived within the womb had not lived to the attain an age the place their faculties of understanding had been developed in order that they might be accounted accountable for the very sin that they had been born into. Due to this fact, being held innocent earlier than God at the point of their demise, all such would have been, and nonetheless are to at the present time ushered straight into the heavenly glory of the Almighty God, our creator. These, by the mercies of God will likely be shown to have been privileged to have circumvented the rigors which can be custom to this natural life. And of course us who have lived any amount of years in this life know very immediately the magnitude of evil and ache that may be, and fairly often is a part of this natural life.

Mr. Richardson was forthright to say that he might provide no clinical proof that as much as 60 to 70% of all human life from the beginning has stone island membrana never lived to what’s termed by many as “the age of accountability”, but that the acceptance of these figured could be primarily based on reasoning throughout the minds of considering folks who’ve appreciable understanding of the mortality rates which were widespread in nations of the world both in regard to miscarriage and infant mortality, earlier than the arrival of modern medical and health follow. In fact, even to this day the mortality price of the preborn and younger children all through the earth is very tremendous. Especially contemplating how that amongst “advanced”, and “civilized” nations, abortion steals the lives of a number of millions around the world every year.

Mr. Richardson had my consideration. My ears, because it might be said, were all his. I wished to hear what he had to say, for since my youth I had heard the time period “age of accountability” utilized in Church circles, but I had by no means been in a position to provide sufficient Scriptural proof of this teaching. It was not that I did not believe that the very younger, because of their innocence, went directly into God’s presence at the purpose of their dying, but but I could not show it by Scripture, and i needed to be able to have the confidence of Scripture on this most important issue.

Earlier than we examine the Scripture let us again rehearse the claim that Mr. Richardson offered that day, the same declare that I now am suggesting and selling to you, the reader. That the Almighty Sovereign can be proven at the end of time when all the affairs of man are laid out plainly to be judged, to haven’t only received a moral victory, (which is to say that He could have been proven to every soul of man to be completely good, and the satan, and his influences to be completely corrupt) but will likely be shown to have received the quantitative victory as nicely, having supplied a method for the bigger percentage of all human life to in spite of the sin of mankind to have each an entrance and a continuance in His presence for eternity. This being potential because 60-70% of all human life haven’t continued in this life to the age of accountability. Due to this fact, not having to endure each the rigors and the deceptive temptations of the evil one on this current life. For this Yahweh aught to be praised!

Mr. Richardson then went on to show us a specific Bible verse that was the text of his message. And like what is quite common in Scripture the reality that we were searching out was to be found within the text of a narrative that really has no direct bearing on the actual truth we had been looking for to uncover. Isaiah chapter 7 begins with the unfolding of the story how that the nations of historical Syria and Israel had joined to form an military that had marched on Jerusalem to over take it. The prophet Isaiah and his son were sent out by God to meet the king of Judah who was a descendant of the King David, whose name was Ahaz. Ahaz was given the consolation of the promise that the actions of the two kings of the north would fail. Further the prophet instructed Ahaz to mention something whatsoever that he might have wished to be completed as an indication that God would protect Jerusalem, precisely has He had promised. Ahaz, felt that it would be tempting the Lord to ask for an indication, so he declined the supply of the prophet. Therefore the prophet, talking by the Holy Spirit supplied his own signal, and that signal was that a virgin would conceive and produce forth a son, and that His title could be called Immanuel. This obviously was spoken with reference to the Messiah, Jesus, the Christ of God. Who some generations later was to be conceived by the seed of the Holy Spirit throughout the womb of a young woman named Mary who at the time was espoused to a man for marriage, but had but to join him in bodily relations.

As extraordinarily tremendous as the reality of this prophetic prediction, and its success was, and nonetheless is, we will leave it and give attention to the following statements regarding the little one which was the success of the prophecy. From it we will forge the exhilarating and comforting conclusions pertaining to the doctrine of the age of accountability. Speaking of this youngster that was to be born of a virgin woman the prophet went on to say, “He will eat curds and honey when he knows enough to reject the improper, and choose the suitable, However before the boy knows enough to reject the fallacious and select the right, the land of the 2 kings you dread can be laid waste.” (Isaiah 7: 15-sixteen NIV) Thus we see mentioned in words that had been first, specifically phrases, used in regards to the Lord Jesus, the reality that there’s an age of innocence in a child’s youth before the youngster (any youngster) can come to a spot where he has enough schools to discern good from evil and choose the best way of excellent or evil. In regards to the Lord Jesus this reality is verified by the Scripture in Hebrews 2:10 where it is said that Jesus needed to endure with the intention to be dropped at a place of perfectness, (completion). So if the One who was born of the actual seed of God had to by the love of the truth study to decide on good over evil, how far more the rest of the human family who’ve each been born into sin. Therefore, concluding that kids who die during the innocence of this interval of their lives are in response to the reality of two Corinthians 5:8, ushered into the presence of the Eternal God. For 2 Corinthians 5:8 speaking of the loss of life of 1 who abides beneath the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ at the point of death says, We are assured, I say, and prepared moderately to be absent from the physique, and to be present with the Lord.

Praise and exaltation to the Lord who in His mercy has allowed numerous hundreds of thousands of the human household to flee the harsh rigors of this present natural life to search out an entrance into His presence in that they were had been on the time of their departure from this life stone island membrana found innocent before Him, not having come to the place of understanding enough to decide on either good or evil. Might He ever be praised for this. May His goodness be recognized among all peoples of the world. Could the consolation of this reality be known by all who’ve misplaced children, and grieve for the loss of them. Figuring out that via the mercy and style of our Lord Jesus Christ they don’t seem to be lost, but only quickly separated from these of us who are but to realize an entrance into the heavenly courts. Who by the atoning properties of His blood which He allowed to be shed upon the Cross, considers all who will receive Him by religion to be acceptable to God. To this God be praise and adoration all through all eternity.

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