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SPOT A Faux!!!(Art NUMBERS & WHAT THEY Mean!!!)

When trying to buy any Stone Island merchandise, remembering these prices a bomb to make, and they are by no means going to be low cost, except they are second-hand or last seasons catalogue. There are safeguards to cease fakes. Holograms, spa quantity, merchandise numbers and so on… I have seen lots of ‘real’ stone island with completely the unsuitable art number, e.g stone island coat/jacket with a CP company spa number on it. Right here is the way to learn a Stone Island, CP Company and Stone Island Denims art numbers, as a result of all have there personal distinctive quantity,

That is how the Artwork number seems on the item

Stone Island Nylon Down Vest in Olive

The first 2 numbers (39) are the year. (This yr being 48(s/s)&forty nine(a/w 2008) and for every ascending number is a season) e.g forty eight = spring/summer time, 49 = autumn/winter and so on.So all even numbers are spring/summer time & odds are autumn/winter
The second 2 numbers (15) are the model. ( 13=c.p.underneath sixteen 14=s.i.denims 15 = Stone Island, 16=s.i.junior 20=c.p.donna and 18 = CP Company).
The next quantity (4) is what the merchandise is e.g in this case (1=shirts 2=t-shirts 3=trousers four = Jacket, 5 = knitwear, 6 = sweatshirts 9=equipment and so forth.)typically this quantity may be a letter this is when its a flagship model (extremely light with gause badge-stainless steal or gentle jacket with white badge ect)however once more they don’t always do it
The letter (n) is the mannequin.
The subsequent 2 (40) are the cloth & the therapy that’s used to make the raso gomatto(cotton or cotton/satin with an inside or external smearing of polyurethane)or vdm (a non woven material made from a mix of superimposed nylon/polyester fibres fused under pressure)stone island personal the copy rights to hundreds of materials, colours, dye processes and dye methods
Every little thing after the / are the stone island jogging bottoms grey dye numbers and color.

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