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The Volcano Lake Serpent

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In the Philippines, near the city Buhawen (which is a mining city), there lives a large serpent-like creature that is at present making life dreadful for the locals. This creature is claimed to be round 7 toes lengthy, with a width of roughly 3 ft. Although some folks declare that this would possibly just be mass hysteria or a case of mistake id, the Aeta have assured everybody that this creature cannot be an eel, a large fish, or some other creature that’s usually found within the river basin. It is because, in accordance with the individuals, they know the river they usually know the organisms on it and this creature is one thing new and something that scares them.

The very first sighting of the Pinatubo Monster was on November 5, 2002, when a younger boy taking part in within the river observed what he initially thought have been logs floating in the water. Once he approached it to play with it, the serpent-like creature confirmed its true type, which caught the boy by shock and thus, he gave out a loud shriek. This scream attracted different Aetas but after they bought to the boy, the creature had swam away, bothered by the screaming. In January 12, 2003 there have been a mess of eyewitness accounts of seeing the serpent-like creature in the river basin.

After these incidents, the Aetas have taken drastic measures in defending their people. They now forbade playing and bathing in the river to avoid any incidents with the creature. Sadly, these persons are fisher folk however with the entrance of the monster into their workplace, they have been forced to abandon their livelihood. In reality, the situation is so bad that the Aetas have now relied on captured frogs and other small animals for his or her sustenance.

The Aetas imagine that there’s a wide authorities cover-up of the entire Pinatubo Monster incident. It is because, after they requested for the local authorities’s assist, they have been either informed that the monster was merely a school of fish, or they have been made to go around in circles by way of bureaucratic pink tape. Some people also believe that the federal government is overlaying up the consequences of the dumping of toxic materials by the mining companies from the near by village.

Irrespective of what’s in that river basin or what precipitated it, one thing is for sure; there may be one thing in these waters. There may be something large and intimidating sufficient to drive individuals out.

There is a website that describes the Pinatubo and quite a few other creatures of Cryptozoology intimately, this website is named: Unknown Creatures and it could also be discovered at this url:

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