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January 17, 2011.
TALES OF KNOTTS ISLAND by Henry Beasley Ansell

Chapter XXVIII

STONE AND WOODHOUSE; A Battle Near KEMPSVILLE AND A NOL Professionals; THE CLEARING UP Period; TWO REVIVALS AT The identical TIME; Previous AND NEW Road FUSS NOT Yet Lifeless; Feedback

On this chapter you’ll discover the culmination of the church row in a battle; but that of the roads nonetheless intact. Each Hunter and Woodhouse had been bony, tall and muscular, and seemed to be males of great energy and have been so counted; whereas Stone was not so tall, however better proportioned–broad shouldered, effectively constructed, and carrying the correct quantity of bone and muscle to make an all-spherical fight, and I am certain he was pluck all over. So this feud terminated in a struggle near Kempsville, Princess Anne. Basic Woodhouse (I believe his proper identify as Hunter Woodhouse) lived close to this village and rode horseback an excellent deal; in riding out one morning quickly after the Knotts Island carousel, he met Stone in his sulky. Stone halted and exclaimed: “You dare not get off of your horse.” Woodhouse was called a battle-horse in a battle, when a fight was required or compelled upon him by a challenge. So he proceeded to get off his horse and in doing so his back was turned in the direction of Stone. In a flash Stone leaped from his seat and had Woodhouse fast behind. Stone was a strongly built man and one most individuals would have dreaded to battle; but Woodhouse was the stronger and attain Stone’s hair within the rear along with his long arms; introduced Stone’s head in his entrance; threw Stone face downward within the sandy and dusty horse observe, took him by the ears, and pummeled his face in the sand till Stone cried for mercy. Woodhouse let up-without putting a blow. Woodhouse thereupon gave Stone a lecture; that he ought to be thankful that he had caught it so mild, for he (Stone) deserved an excellent thrashing for telling that lie; and, moreover, sporting the robes of a preacher, and daring people on the public highway for a struggle, referred to as for a double dose, and the following time he was guilty of such conduct he would get what he deserved. Stone, preacher though he was; had received the best of Woodhouse on this affray, in all probability he would have been happy; but in being in any other case, he straightway swore out a warrant and acquired it into the courts of Princess Anne. This was exactly the place Woodhouse wished to point out up Stone. The Methodist members of this county did not want this affray and its causes to be openly canvassed within the court docket-home; for the testimony alone of both Hunter and Woodhouse, two properly know revered citizens, could be unimpeachable; so Woodhouse was seen relative to a compromise. To this Woodhouse said no, for, said he, a man like Stone who was filled with falsehood and deception and who had brought so much disturbance not only within the church but outdoors as well, must be proven up, and the courtroom-house was the one proper place to take action.

It was now well-known that there could be an abundance of proof of Stone’s misconduct; and, to save the county such a spectacle, there were influences dropped at bear on the prosecuting lawyer to lighten up, so the case by no means came to trial. It strikes me that I have heard that Stone, the primary witness for the state was absent when the case came on for trial–therefore a nol prosequi was entered. Nonetheless, no matter turn might have been taken on this case, it was never heard in courtroom. So ended this tumult.

As far as the author’s recollection goes he has tried to pen down this combating affair substantially as he heard from all sides, and have tried to narrate the points that had turn out to be so infamous in this battle, for it was an affair and canvassed for fifty miles from this battle ground.

Cleaning UP Period
Princess Anne circuit by this time had had sufficient of this Knotts Island wrangle; and, if my recollection serves me, Stone was relieved of his charge the subsequent conference 12 months.

Knotts Island, although, stuck to Stone to the last, and named youngsters “William Wark Stone,” and there remains to be one Stone or more there but.

Princess Anne circuit; having had sufficient fuss, quiet started to prevail, a better feeling ensued, and spread even to Knotts Island.

The preachers despatched the next yr and years after this advocated peace, and these preachers have been apparently pleasant. Tom Jennings for the Reformers and one Gibbs for the Methodist have been very friendly, and Jennings preached for Gibbs greater than once. This brotherly feeling between the two preachers had its effect on the disturbing parts.

The M. P. Church got a young man from Westmoreland County, Virginia, named W. W. Walker. A brighter young man, it was mentioned, never graced a Virginia pulpit, and that i had causes afterwards to assume so. He was an orator of the primary class, completely educated, and a leader of the lots. Everyone preferred Walker, even the Methodist.

This Walker thereafter grew to become well-known not only as a preacher but as a lawyer and politician. Virginia, when underneath carpetbag rule after the Civil Conflict; when on the lookout for bright, progressive men that could lead on the lots, never completed a greater thing than choosing him to stump the state in behalf of the democratic nominee for governor.

There was no doubt, from what I heard, that he did as much as or greater than any other man in making that campaign successful, which resulted in placing another Walker within the governor’s chair, and making the carpet-baggers hustle out.

Walker preached two years on this circuit, and was compelled by the rule of the church to depart; but after the absence of one 12 months he was returned for two extra years.

Big Meetings ON THE ISLAND
Large conferences on the Island in those days often lasted 4 weeks; any meeting that did not last two weeks was considered a small affair.

Usually the 2 churches would have their large conferences happening at the identical time, for all the prejudices had not as but disappeared. So the Rev. W. W. Walker appointed his meeting and when it came on he had directly a stirring revival. The Methodists commenced their meeting a week thereafter, the time wanting propitious, and they also had a giant time.

The two churches were about a half-mile apart and dense conferences in revivals typically lasted till morning. If a crowds travelled from one to the opposite all night, for these conferences in revivals often lasted till morning. If an argument ought to arise, however, even at one of those revivals and even amongst church members, about this same old and new road matter, the disputants would be ready at once to pull hair. So Joel J. Wicker and William Fentress, the latter some of the peaceable men on the Island and a church member in good standing, needed to be separated concerning the half-method mark between these two revival grounds, about the place William Cooper lives or did live, This is talked about not as a result of it was an remoted case however because it shows the sentiment in each church and state even within the midst of two revivals.

After this, when some years had rolled by, the Methodist Episcopal Church within the Virginia Annual Conference so amended those guidelines and laws which primarily had caused the break up that the Methodist Protestant Church became reconciled and joined itself once more to its mother, the Methodist Episcopal.

While all of the Reformers weren’t glad with this transfer, but most of the old class of each sides who had fought so bitterly were lifeless and few had been left for bickerings. So ended this loopy church battle; and, it’s hoped, perpetually.

Now I say, and let it’s expressly understood, that all of the people of Knotts Island didn’t rock and nurse this Church quarrel, for there have been conservatives on each sides that regretted such a tumult; however there have been sufficient religious pretenders and fanatics on both sides, who gloried in disputes and quarrels; and it had a tendency to draw many higher people into these brawls: for, in response to the instances, a church quarrel is perhaps precipitated there perhaps as rapidly as a row in politics. At any public gathering for political functions let a couple of, though half drunken and of the most ignorant class, get within the street, throw up their hats and hurrah, even for that which they know not the that means of, and it has a tendency to fire up many extra of the crowd current and an incredible noise may end result.

Such crude shows, taken for patriotism, always inflames the small boys.
Reflective Print Cotton T-Shirt in Navy GreenWell does the writer remember when he was however eight years stone island hat grey previous, and Harrison was running for the Presidency, (1840). The author was born and rocked in the democratic cradle, but he didn’t know the difference between the democratic and whig events, and knew as little about geography; nonetheless he beat his finger-ends and knuckles till blistered, on tin pans, that Basic Cass may down “Previous Tippecanoe and Tyler too,” with their helpers–log-cabin, laborious cider and green gourds. When news came that Harrison was elected he stated no–inconceivable–for he knew that that hero obtained scarcely any votes at the Island election for he was there.

Now, my buddies, aside from the preachers and a few others perhaps, those that entered into these church brawls and saved them aflame knew as little about creeds and their authorities they were fussing so much about as I knew about political parties and geography when Harrison was elected President.

Just one month after his inauguration (April 4th, 1841) he died. Harrison was a Normal, a military leader, and that i suppose a very good man; but the new politicians and news-papers that opposed him declared that the Almighty introduced him speedily to his finish, on account of being a whig and to thwart him in carrying out the whig doctrine in his presidential time period. Such stuff was preached by the democratic stump speakers after their convention in 1844, that nominated Polk and Dallas as their leaders, towards Clay and Frelinghuysen of the Whig get together. The whigs to play evens on this line put of their campaign songs and sang:

“James Okay. Polk and George M. Dalls; One for h__l and ‘hassle for the gallows.”
Such puffs that the democratic gave to account for the death of Harrison, as aforesaid, typically make nice changes in the political sphere with the ignorant and the superstitious, for methinks thereafter the whig celebration started to dissolve.

Politicians should never infuse such doctrine into the crowds, neither ought to preacher be culpable in church rows. If Stone had stuck to the work he was commissioned to do; and the fussy members of these two churches had stuck to their vows, there never would have been such disorder as herein set forth.

On this street warfare both sides had an inexpensive sense for the dispute that arose; but this church conflict there was little sense with no purpose in any respect. The Reformers, or the M. P. Church split off on account that none but bishops, elder and preachers had a say-so in church affairs, the laymen being stored within the background to do nothing but jingle their pockets in Church support and so forth.

Now both sides worked a mistaken in this church warfare. The M. E. Church in their Virginia Annual Conference, after a war of Twenty-5 years or more so altered their Church rules & legal guidelines to admit the laymen to have a vote and now they have laymen delegates even in their Annual Conferences– on paper if nothing else crucial thing that trigger the split & secession to happen in 1830. Now, why had not the M. E. Church have so altered their laws at the time of the break up, in that case seemingly there would have been no cut up at all, and this twenty yeras of battle and fuss breeding would by no means have been. There where the old side Methodist werewrong. Now, what’s to be mentioned of the new aspect Methodist–M. P. Church–Reformers; they were flawed additionally; they preach towards bishops, elders and preachers, that had been rulers of the church and referred to as such episcopacy, and by the laymen having no voice in the church, the M. P. Church referred to as this monarchism, etc.

Now what did these Reformers do, after the Mother Church had somewhat changed their guidelines as to allow the laymen to vote and to be delegates to their conferences, they all in a physique went again to the mom church with its bishops and elders etc. Now two thirds of the causes of this split, methinks, were freakish and trivial. Suppose the heads of a church are referred to as bishops. I believe bishop, in religious matters, is more ecclesiastical than president. What’s in a name anyway.

I believe the very best officials of the Methodist stone island hat grey at the moment are its bishops and elders. An elder has a circuit of circuits; goes the rounds of every circuit four times in the course of the yr, and if the preacher in charge of a circuit scarcely fills the bill, the circuit can at least hear 8 or 10 good sermons from the elder. The information the elder will get from the preacher in charge, the church officials, and viewing the Congregations he addresses, he can come pretty near the kind of preacher needed on every circuit. These elders discuss such things over with their bishop at the conferences before the appointments are made and usually the appointments end up passable. So the Methodist denomination always have a preacher without looking up one, and there you’re without worry. This church conflict was creedism, pure and easy.

A great thing perverted is doubly dangerous: Politics and religion so necessary to man’s moral and social state are topic to horrible abasement. How apt we are to ignore the substance and grasp the shadow; to quote the precept and dodge the practice; to worship the creed and neglect the Christ!

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