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STONE ISLAND AW15 BEANIE HAT Attempt ON & Overview + Special Visitor stone island footwear sale MONCLER VS NEW Era

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Great Ugandan Warrior: Dropstitch on he badge, straight buttons and the way his button should be sewn on with Stone Island Uk looped stitches. Additionally the label right here is solution to thin.

C_m: faux stone island gear right here
Callum Croft: The label is fake for staters so was the tag

Large Shaq: Silly paki
o D E v: Solely chavs put on beany si anyway

devonte inexperienced: Ur silly mate look how small the badge is and stone island hats are way thicker the tag is wrong it has rhe old tag on its purported to be lengthy and rectangular theres more however cba lol

Chris H: I am not even sure SI have launched any beanie hats with the badge on the front. Don’t assume they’d produce anything so crap. There’s also no Art tags and no yellow on the badge that runs from stone island footwear sale the button slits to the top of the patch.

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