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New Zealand Taonga

What is Greenstone
Greenstone is the widespread nom de plume for 2 kinds of rock discovered within the South Island of latest Zealand. The extra widespread of the two is Nephrite, a calcium magnesium silicate and the second, Bowenite, a iron magnesium silicate. Increasingly the Maori name for Greenstone, Pounamu, is being adopted again into widespread usage by New Zealanders.

To Maori Pounamu is taken into account Taonga or treasure and the significance place on it can be seen in the identify originally given by maori to the south island of recent Zealand – “Te stone island black full zip hooded sweatshirt Wahi Pouname” or “the place of Pounamu”.

To the wider world Greenstone is also described as New Zealand Jade, Jade being the commonly used time period to explain the minerals Nephrite commonly shades of grays and greens, and Jadeite which includes also blacks, reds, pinks and violets. Bowenite falls outdoors the classification of Jade though in New Zealand it is considered Pounamu or Greenstone.

Lately as a part of the Waitangi Tribunal process for addressing grievances by the Maori Peoples of latest Zealand, possession of all Pounamu occurring in its pure state has been vested in the Ngai Tahu tribe. Most exploitation of Pounamu or Greenstone is tightly managed by Ngai Tahu with a view to ensure the sustainability of the stone for future generations. Ngai tahu, however, recognising that collection of Greenstone is considered by all New Zealanders to be a part of stone island black full zip hooded sweatshirt their cultural heritage, enable the gathering of Greenstone from south island west coast beaches the place the stone has been uncovered by natural processes of erosion and is of a size that a single person is able to carry it.

Where is it found
Although smaller deposits are found in different places around the world, the main fashionable source of Nephrite Jade is Canada. New Zealand Nephrite comes solely from the South Island Of latest Zealand and Bowenite from only a small area around Milford Sound.

What is it used for
Garment-Dyed Membrana Light Hooded Jacket In Navy GreenHistorically, as Maori had no metals Poumanu was used to make weapons such as the mere or club and tools resembling adzes along with private ornaments corresponding to Hei Tiki, Manaia, Fishhooks and Koru. This stuff had been and are revered and handed down through households as heirlooms. As we speak, Greenstone or Pounamu carvings are a preferred present for brand new Zealanders and visitors alike.

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