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Ocmulgee Nationwide Monument : Museum And Artifacts At Macon, Georgia

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Ocmulgee Nationwide Monument : Museum And Artifacts At Macon, Georgia
Updated on March 28, 2013 Randy Godwin moreDuring his lengthy lifetime, Randy has collected Native American artifacts as well as studied all about America’s first residents.

Contact Creator Ocmulgee Mound Builders
The lives and every day routines of the now vanished civilization referred to because the Mississippian Tradition, or extra commonly identified as the “mound builders,” are well represented in this on-site museum on the Ocmulgee Nationwide Monument in Macon Georgia.

Artifacts, comparable to projectile factors, pottery, copper ceremonial objects, and different fascinating objects are on display for the history buff, or for the curious tourist or scholar. The wonderful earthworks, constructed by the historical residents over 1,000 years ago, inform a tale of greatness and data as well as, thriller and tyranny. For this complicated was a member of the Southern Dying Cult, a cult which believed in human sacrifice, not unlike their cousins in Mexico and the Yucatan.

They were the bringers of the “Three sisters” to the southeastern a part of this nation. These venerated foods–maize (corn), squash(including pumpkins and gourds) and beans(a number of varieties)–were crucial of the crops grown for sustenance of the whole advanced. Along with different wild foods and wild sport, these necessary crops allowed the Mississippians to achieve an impressive cultural society on the bluffs overlooking the Ocmulgee River.

The Historical past of the Ocmulgee Museum Artifacts
Digging The Historical past Of The Mound Builders
Through the latter part of the good Depression an anthropologist from Harvard University was employed to excavate and analyze the artifacts and other gadgets you will see in the Ocmulgee Nationwide Monument Museum.

Even after over half a century has handed since Kelly’s archaeological analysis has taken place, there are still many artifacts in storage which haven’t been examined carefully.

This testifies to the sheer variety of gadgets found within the relatively small area actually excavated during the archaeological digs on this site.

As you can see by the format of the location, it covers a large area with some mounds being over half a mile from the others. Such is the case of the wonderful reconstructed Ceremonial Earth Lodge and its relation to the Temple mound in the gap.

The museum nevertheless, does show a few of essentially the most lovely and intriguing of those artifacts, together with some beautiful paintings and scenes depicting the on a regular basis life of those mysterious people.

Where they got here from and where they went is still below scrutiny, however we’re getting nearer to with the ability to know the solutions to these questions with each passing day.

Although these ancient folks aren’t any extra, their language appears to have been remembered as sure words, utilized by today’s remaining tribes once dwelling in the realm, have identical meanings as the same words in certain components of Mexico. Coincidentally, the place where maize is thought to have originated.

The Hunters
Ancient Hunting Tools and Projectile Points
Looking On The Bluffs
Looking wild game was an essential part of the Ocmulgee people’s food supply. Since the Paleolithic period these excessive bluffs overlooking the Ocmulgee River have been productive looking grounds.

The projectile points in the images on the correct are from that particular interval. The use of an atlatl–a spear throwing keep on with a stone banner weight–enabled these earliest Individuals, identified as the Clovis culture, to hunt the now extinct mega-fauna which once roamed the realm.

The atlatls and distinctive butterfly formed banner stone weights proven listed below are typical of those used in the course of the Paleolithic interval lengthy before the mound builders came into this a part of the country.

The atlatl enabled a hunter to throw the spear with much better pressure which was wanted for the giant animals they hunted at the time.

There also projectile factors from the Archaic and Woodland intervals displayed with their unique shapes and colors from the interval of the mound builders.

The smaller game, left after the mass extinctions of the horses, mammoths, mastodons, camels, and other mega-fauna, required smaller projectile factors and heralded the emergence of the bow and arrow as the main looking weapon.

The mound builders, right here at Ocmulgee and at other related complexes across the nation, utilized the bow and arrow to harvest the numerous animals dwelling within the close by forests and river bottoms.

The factors and searching tools on this page are merely a small representation of those contained within the museum at Ocmulgee. You will need to go to the museum in particular person to see your complete wonderful assortment on display there

Ocmulgee Complex Pottery
Pottery Tells the Tale
The large number of pottery and other ceramic items on show inside the museum attests to the several types of earthenware and bowls these innovative people used in their on a regular basis lives.

One might even be able hint the advancement of pottery making over the time period the Mississippians lived here on the river bluff by evaluating the developments made over the a long time.

Some point out their origin of manufacture as being from other Mississippian complexes in the southeast. Apparently commerce was widespread between such cults.

A number of the pots have been used for cooking while others had been made for getting ready or storing corn and different foodstuffs. The makes use of for these unique containers have been many.

The particular shape of the ceramic vessels fluctuate in line with the maker and the supposed purpose of the item. Each of those fascinating items appears to have a persona of its own.

As you may see, great effort was made to make the pottery useful, in addition to, pleasing to the attention. Sure motifs were utilized by the makers to point religious and other cultural beliefs and to decorate the vessel.

Pottery can tell, not solely an ideal deal in regards to the people’s on a regular basis lives, but how they developed their tradition throughout those historical instances.

The examples proven right here indicate a extremely adapted society of maize producers with sufficient time left over for art and wonder in their day by day lives.

The ability to store foodstuffs through the cold days of winter, and to cook the game and different crops with out having to make use of heating stones dropped into the cooking vessels, significantly aided the mound builders in their day by day lives.

The museum has an excellent variety of these helpful and necessary vessels on show for your examination and enjoyment.

Once more, one must see these stunning ceramic pots and bowls in individual to totally recognize them.
Objects of Historical Intrigue
Trading For Copper and Conch Shells
In addition to the great examples of pottery on exhibit at the museum, there are also exhibits of ceramic human effigies and decorative items made from conch shells which had been obtained by commerce from other cultures a lot further south alongside the Atlantic and Gulf coastlines. .

Copper was also utilized for adorning certain gadgets mainly used for religious ceremonies by the priests and chieftains.

It was also obtained by trade with different Mississippian cultures situated near the mountains of North Georgia and Tennessee.A number of examples of these attention-grabbing copper objects are exhibited within the museum.

The human effigies are particularly attention-grabbing as they’re made in the abstract kind in lots of instances. However they may actually be patterned after real individuals who had excelled in battle or management. But we’ll maybe by no means know who these vital figures signify.

This stuff signify only a few of the commerce goods obtained from different Mississippian complexes across the Southeastern United States.

They indicate a robust network of commerce between the totally different areas, each trading native goods for these they don’t have access to otherwise.

Along with tobacco pipes and chunky stones, there are such a lot of more exhibits to be seen at the Ocmulgee Nationwide Monument. Make certain to go to this superb museum and mound advanced if you’re ever in the world of Macon Georgia. Extra articles about this site are discovered in the hyperlinks below.

Extra Museum Images by Randy Godwin
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sendingAuthorRandy Godwin 5 years in the past from Southern Georgia
Thanks for the feedback, Debbie! Sure, it’s an awesome place to visit and like you, I feel I will never get round to seeing all of the places I might wish to.

Thanks for your time!
Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years in the past from Brownsville,TX

what a fantastic awesome hub.. I would to visit.. so many places to go and go to.. LOL.. Have an important night

It’s indeed a gem, GAbaptist! I can only think about the place as it as soon as looked throughout its peak interval when the mounds were used for ceremonial rituals.

Thanks for taking the time to learn and touch upon this piece. I loved researching and writing it as nicely because the visits I’ve made to the positioning.

GAbaptist 5 years ago from Alaska
Randy, very nice article. I truly grew up only a few miles from the Ocmulgee Nationwide Park and my mother and father still dwell there. I’ve many fond memories of climbing those hills and walking the trails as a toddler. It actually is a hidden gem that is nicely well worth the go to! Thank you.

Since I started accumulating Native American projectile points and artifacts at age six on the family land I have been hooked on their tradition, Wesman. This site is certainly one of three such place in Georgia I’ve visited and plan to put in writing about the opposite 2 at a future date.

One cannot stroll the grounds with out getting a feeling of kinship with these ancient folks.
Thanks for taking the time to go to and touch upon this hub, as always.

Thanks a lot, Bard! It is all very fascinating to me how these folks appeared so instantly, built the spectacular earthworks, and vanished simply as fast. I hope you checked out the links to the 2 different hubs in which the earth council lodge is pictured It has the retro stone island unique baked clay ground.

I actually respect your time and feedback!

Wesman Todd Shaw 5 years ago from Kaufman, Texas
Nice lot of uncommon education to be had right here on web page, and way more at the museum I’d prefer to see some day.

Nice pictures!!!
Gosh if I had it my manner I might research European historical past and Native American historical past as a twin main. Possibly some day I will get the possibility.

Steve Andrews 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal
Randy, I see what you imply and that your proof is opposite to what is claimed by people calling themselves the Washitaw! I’ve voted up for this awesome hub!

I’m glad you found my hub attention-grabbing, dishia! These locations alwys get my creative juices flowing. Thanks for the sort feedback and your time.

dishia 5 years ago from nigeria/ rivers state
thanks for taking the time to place this amazing piece of work down. i admit your piece of work could be very informative

Thanks Alstar! Actually, the Etowah Advanced close to Cartersville, Georgia is the most effective in the state with larger mounds and more archaeological research completed there. However this site could be very interesting too.

I still haven’t visited the Kolimoki site in southwestern Georgia but however plan to do so quickly. Thanks as all the time for visiting and commenting on my hubs!

Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina
Completely loved and realized from this Randy, thank you. The one Mound Builder site I have been to is Town Creek Mound in N.C. and although its fairly attention-grabbing yours down in Ga. trumps it. Positively a should see when in the Macon area.

@My Minds Eye–Thanks for taking a look and for ranking my hub up too. Sure, the Cahokia Mound at St. Louis is one among the largest complexes of the Mississippians.

Thanks, CM! Yes, it is onerous to do justice to the place with only textual content and photographs. Just down the river there is another mound advanced which hasn’t been correctly excavated but. So much historical past right here and little or no interest in absolutely understanding these historic Individuals.

I appreciate your time and enter on my hub!

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee
I have heard of those, they’ve comparable mounds in Missouri additionally. Voted up.

CMHypno 5 years ago from Different Side of the Sun
Fascinating stuff Randy. This should have been an incredible place when it was being occupied, and raises so many questions. I’d love to visit some day and explore for myself.

AuthorRandy Godwin 5 years in the past from Southern Georgia
I hope you get the possibility, PCunix! I took so many photos of the site and there was so much fascinating historical past there I needed to make 3 hubs to cover only a part of it.

Thanks for taking a have a look at this one and for your feedback too! 🙂

Tony Lawrence 5 years in the past from SE MA
Thanks a lot for this. If i ever get down that way again (doubtful, as my spouse would not “journey well” anymore, but when I ever do), I’ll be sure to visit here and I am going to have you ever to thank for making me conscious of it.

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