Q&A With Stone Island Collector Simon Czarnocki

Simon Czarnocki has been accumulating Stone Island for the previous five years. Fascinated by the craftsmanship and design that goes into every garment, Czarnocki has constructed up a group of over 30 items. Talking exclusively to Aphrodite as part of our Q&A series, Simon reveals simply what he loves in regards to the modern Italian brand that has remained a true icon in the world of menswear.

Hello Simon, may you please tell us just a little bit about your self?

My title is Simon Czarnocki. I’m a Stone Island enthusiast that has been amassing for the previous five years. I live just outdoors of Glasgow and have knowledge of Stone Island though I’m no expert. My passion is clobber and it’s led me on a journey that has opened many doorways for me. Through my curiosity in Stone Island I’ve met many high lads and have been privileged in pointing people in the proper route attributable to my information of the model.

What was it about Stone Island that first drew you into buying their items?

Honestly, nowadays a lot of people get drawn in to Stone Island through soccer. For me, it was extra about the historical past of Stone Island and the analysis that goes in to each single garment that is produced. I remember sitting puzzled for the primary time reading about this jacket that would change color with temperature, that instantly attracted me to the model in itself because it’s one thing that no one else had accomplished, and after that I assumed to myself if they will do this, what else can they do? After lots of time reading in to the model you notice that you’re paying for greater than only a badge.

Can you remember buying your first Stone Island piece and what was it? How old were you?

I used to be 17. I remember having a component time job and never pulling in much money on the time. I’d had my eye on this jacket for a few year by this level and nonetheless couldn’t afford it, nor might I find it anywhere because it was from the earlier year’s season and was sold out all over the place. This present day I was searching by way of some retailers as I usually do online, this jacket finally popped up. I was still quick on cash and needed to discover a solution to get it on my again. I had an off-street motorbike on the time and luckily knew a lad who had been involved in it for some time, an hour or two after I had spotted the jacket on-line, the bike was gone and the cash was in the financial institution. It was a Stone Island Ice subject jacket from A/W 2012.

How many items do you have got in your collection?

Right now I’ve bought around 39 pieces. A mixture of jackets, jumpers, trousers. Most of the collection is constructed up by jackets although, jackets are my thing.

Is there any Stone Island piece that you haven’t been capable of get that you’ve actually wanted?

I’ve received a list the size of my arm. There are some garments on the market I will never be capable of supply as a consequence of age and low manufacturing. I don’t think the listing will ever get shorter, each new season of Stone Island there’ll always be that piece you wish you had purchased, but by the time you come round to get it.. it’s gone, lifeless stock. One piece for me, and I’m positive many others need has to be the 30/30 Jacket. A real holy grail for Stone Island collectors, trying to find one in your size and of excellent condition is a complete problem and also you had higher have a fairly penny to splash out for one.

What’s your favorite piece in your assortment and why?

My favorite piece is the blue liquid reflective jacket from A/W 2011. Stone Island Jacket The jacket peels in areas of stress due to the glass particles inside the fabric and offers off a rugged sort of seem like most reflective garments. The majority of people that personal one of those try to sell it on earlier than it will get worse, however personally I believe it adds a little bit of character to the jacket.

Are their another manufacturers that you like to wear?

I’ve bought a good little bit of Gucci & Moncler. Other than that I want my casual put on, lots of adidas. I’m not passionate about another clothing brand although. Many different collectors I know love their CP Firm, MA.STRUM and so forth. It’s simply by no means caught my eye or accomplished it for me. Persist with what you understand I suppose!

What would your splendid Stone Island collaboration be?

Stone Island hit it off with Supreme, I don’t assume you might ask for a better collab. Nike was good, but nothing particular. I’d personally prefer to see a hyperlink up with North face, that could be some critical analysis and design come together.

Which path do you see the model heading in in the future?

It might only expand, it can be nice to see the model recognised more for the craftsmanship and time that goes into every undertaking they do rather than the football and hooliganism status the brand has took on over the years. There is an enormous community for the model, I’ve gained many associates through clobber & imagine that’s another cause why the brand is so profitable and will solely ever grow in numbers.

Stone Island Mens Hooded Poplin Jacket Light GreenThanks a lot to Simon for taking the time out to talk to us and speaking us through his love for Stone Island! You may see Simon’s video with the Hoxton Pattern proper right here.

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