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The Stone That Saved The city Of Saint Augustine

Crewneck Wool Sweater in Light GreenLeaving the Hostel on mens stone island chinos Bridge Avenue, for my morning walk and each day ration of individuals watching, I stopped along the bay to enjoy the water. While I used to be checking O. C. Whites’ menu, an important place to eat overlooking the Bay in St. Augustine, I overheard a couple from Boston. They had been engaged in an animated dialog concerning the city’s historical past. “If St. Augustine is the nation’s oldest city,” she said challenging her companion, “why do we now have so many buildings within the Boston area which can be so much older “

Seeing that her companion did not fairly know the way to answer her, I interrupted their conversation. Interrupting strangers in the middle of a conversation is a behavior of mine. Not a behavior my husband particularly appreciates, and others have voiced as rude, nevertheless, it is something I do to meet mens stone island chinos new and fascinating people. I interjected, “The British burned the city down, and they were not the first to do it. The town has been assaulted by Indians, pirates and others.” I continued, “The British were the last to burn the city down in 1702 after a fifty day siege of the Fort, The Castillo de San Marcos. I assume they had been mad as a result of they could not knock down the partitions of the Fort after fifty days of cannon fire. That’s why there are no buildings older than Boston’s”

I might see the eyes of her companion light up. “That is right,” he exclaimed. “After we visited the Fort, I remember hearing that the structure was made from Coquina; an amazing stone that was quarried on that Island across the best way. But I thought it was twenty days not fifty.”

I smiled broadly; I at all times get a kick out of how a lot historical past people pick up when they visit St. Augustine. “Additionally true,” I mentioned, “but it was twenty-seven days of bombardment by General James Oglethorpe in 1740. He gave up and left the city; he did not burn it down. The explanation the Coquina in St. Augustine’s Fort was so efficient against cannon fire isn’t its hardness however its softness. Cannon balls would sink into it reasonably than shatter or puncture the walls of the Fort. The Coquina itself turned out to be a terrific deterrent of hostile forces.”

“That is some stone.” she mentioned. “The place can we see more of it ”
“There are numerous locations to see it in case you look,” I responded. “You will see it at the city gates, in many of the buildings and stone fences round town. Solely a finite amount was quarried, because the builders found it was easier to re-use the stone from broken buildings than quarry extra of it. Then newer techniques began for use. In reality, the first poured concrete structure within the United States is the Zorayda Castle over on King Avenue. The Coquina used for army structures on the south end of town was re-used to build the Franciscan convent after which in the muse for the barracks, constructed on the identical site.”

I have always found the usage of Coquina in St. Augustine an enchanting story. What I discovered over the years is that Coquina is a mix of mineral calcite and phosphate normally within the type of seashells or coral; in layman’s terms, compressed sea shells. This compression occurred naturally at Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, where early settlers constructed a quarry to retrieve the stone. It’s also discovered uncovered in many areas along the east coast of Florida from St. Johns to Palm Seashore counties. It may be discovered as far inland as 20 miles from Florida’s east coast.

When Coquina is extracted it is very soft. Its softness makes it straightforward to harvest from a quarry and form into varied shapes including block. Nonetheless, before it can be utilized as a constructing material it should be left to dry for just a few years; it’s still smooth, but arduous sufficient to make use of in development.

Coquina is a unique materials with an attention-grabbing history; just considered one of the many interesting and unique options found in Saint Augustine. I have been coming to St. Augustine for the last six years and have realized many interesting info which can be specific only to this space, and I like to seek out unwitting strangers to share my data with throughout my morning walks.

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