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The 15 Most Expensive Supreme Items Ever

Supreme have launched 1000’s of objects over time, and some of them are now extremely desirable and demand huge amounts of money on the resell market. We’ve compiled this checklist that guides you through the most expensive Supreme items ever.

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If you’re uneducated on the matter, the resell market can appear a pretty crazy place. Used T-shirts promoting for 3 times the retail value That’s how it really works 99% of the time – particularly with Supreme. Some items even fetch loopy amounts of cash. For example, sample merchandise, or one-of-one editions can promote for thousands of pounds. Many of probably the most expensive Supreme gadgets available on the market are from the latest collaboration with Louis Vuitton, so we’re going to touch on this slightly however go away some gadgets out, as a complete list of Supreme x LV could get a little repetitive.

Cheap Stone Island Hoodies Dark Blue For Men1 15. Supreme x The North Face Leopard Nuptse
2 14. Supreme x Nate Lowman Skate Decks
3 thirteen. Supreme x Everlast Punch Bag
4 12. Supreme Tokion Field Brand
5 eleven. Supreme x Stone Island 1st Version
6 10. Supreme Sopranos Box Brand
7 9. Supreme Kate Moss Photo T-shirt
eight 8. Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike
9 7. Supreme “Sample” Field Logo
10 6. Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks
11 5. Supreme x Molodkin Pattern Field Emblem
12 four. Supreme Louis Vuitton Bootleg Skate Decks
13 three. Supreme Mo-Wax Box Brand
14 2. Supreme x Fender Stratocaster
15 1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk
16 On That Notice

15. Supreme x The North Face Leopard Nuptse
Resell Worth: £2800 (Variable)

Supreme’s collaborations with The North Face all retail fairly excessive, let alone resell. Nonetheless this mannequin in particular, the leopard Nuptse from 2011, resells for a particularly high amount. It released in three colourways – gray, green and yellow. The release was accompanied by units of matching luggage which made for a pleasant touch. Why does this specific jacket resell for so much We’re not completely positive. There’s little question it’s a visually engaging jacket, and perhaps the fact that it was famously rocked by Canadian rapper Drake made a difference

14. Supreme x Nate Lowman Skate Decks
Resell Value: £2500 (Variable)

Many Supreme decks demand excessive prices, and this collaboration with famed artist Nate Lowman isn’t any completely different. Lowman’s artwork has adorned the walls at Supreme’s Layafette location since the start, so it only made sense for the man to lastly get an official collaboration, and skateboard decks have been the plain selection. These are regarded more as a piece of artwork fairly than precise skateboards, hence the high value.

Thirteen. Supreme x Everlast Punch Bag
Supreme are recognized for his or her loopy and extravagant equipment. A punchbag in collaboration with Everlast with Supreme printed throughout it in large letters Yeah, that’s pretty regular actually. They’ve collaborated with Everlast several occasions and launched boxing equipment, together with boxing gloves and a boxing robe. However by far probably the most costly is that this punching bag. If you happen to had the money to spare would you purchase one for your home

12. Supreme Tokion Box Brand
As doubtlessly one of many rarest field logos of all time, this collaboration with Tokion is just about inconceivable to seek out. Due to this, we’re unable to give an correct illustration of the present resell price, purely as a result of there are none available on the market. We’d give a rough estimation of something between £1000-£2000. Many people are literally unaware this box logo was even produced.

Eleven. Supreme x Stone Island 1st Version
Resell Worth: £1000 (Variable)

This collaboration was more than unexpected upon launch, nevertheless it was a huge success. It retailed very excessive at around £900, however that was to be expected with Stone Island. Initially, resellers snapped up the coats and have been caught with them, as nobody had the mens stone island bucket hat spare money to buy them. Nevertheless now, there aren’t many in the marketplace, due to this fact the collaboration has become fascinating again. Supreme have now teamed up with Stone Island a number of times, but this unique jacket is by far essentially the most fascinating of the bunch.

10. Supreme Sopranos Field Brand
Resell Value: £3000 (Variable)

The Sopranos is very considered one of the best tv exhibits of the 90’s. With just a slight little change, this field logo grew to become one of the vital fascinating releases Supreme have ever put out. Change the “r” in Supreme to a pistol, and you’ve acquired yourself a gun, if you’ll pardon the pun.

9. Supreme Kate Moss Photograph T-shirt
Resell Value: £500 (Variable)

As most likely probably the most iconic photo tees that Supreme have ever created, it’s no shock that this T-shirt has a high retail value attached to it. Kate Moss is one among the largest supermodels on the earth, so the fact that she collaborated with Supreme was a big shock at the time. Now, the T-shirt is thought to be a piece of Supreme’s historical past, and continues to be as iconic in the present day as it was again then.

Eight. Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike
Resell Worth: £3000 (Variable)

It’s frequent knowledge that Supreme like to launch crazy equipment, however they actually pushed the boat out this yr once they collaborated with Coleman on this mini-bike. Yes, you heard that right, and precise miniature motorbike, branded with a Supreme field brand. Retail worth was around £1000, and the bike now sells for triple that, and generally more. So if you’re a petrolhead and love Supreme, with a variety of spare cash – why not make the funding

7. Supreme “Sample” Box Emblem
As soon as once more, one other box-emblem T-shirt makes the list that hasn’t ever actually been up on the market. In this occasion, it’s the “Sample” box-logo T-shirt. It features the normal box-logo, scratched out with black pen. The whole concept behind this T-shirt is that the field-brand is such a recognisable brand, that even scratched out like that, individuals can still identify it almost immediately. It’s a reasonably intelligent thought in our books, and if one ever does hit the resell market it definitely won’t be low cost.

6. Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks
Resell Value: £6000 (Variable)

British artist Damien Hirst is known worldwide for his artwork, and he’s collaborated with Supreme a number of occasions. In addition to his iconic box-logo T-shirt he created with the model, he created a series of skateboard decks that includes the identical graphics. These are a number of the rarest and most desirable skate decks ever created by the brand, and there aren’t many of them in circulation. Single decks will set you back something from £1000-£2000, and there’s presently a whole set for sale on eBay for across the £6000 mark.

5. Supreme x Molodkin Pattern Field Emblem
Resell Price: N/A

In 2003, Supreme collaborated with Molodkin to launch a spread of field-logo T-shirts in a number of colours. Nevertheless, several sample T-shirts have been also launched, and have virtually never been seen on the market. One of those is a blue on pink design, that includes a negatively uncovered picture of Donald Trump on the rear. Many individuals have seen photos of those online, nonetheless seeing one in particular person or even for sale is rather more of a uncommon incidence. We can solely imagine how expensive one of those can be.

Four. Supreme Louis Vuitton Bootleg Skate Decks
Resell Value: £3000 (Variable) – Single Deck

Means earlier than the official Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration this yr, again in the yr 2000 to be exact, Supreme produced three bootleg skate decks featuring their take on the Louis Vuitton monogram pattern. Field-logo T-shirts also launched alongside these. However, phrase spread shortly and Louis Vuitton quickly heard about the gathering. Lo and behold, they issued Supreme with a cease and desist notice, basically meaning that they needed to cease selling the products and destroy any remaining inventory. Resulting from this, they now demand an especially excessive worth on the resell market.

3. Supreme Mo-Wax Field Brand
Resell Price: £2000 (Variable)

As celebration of 21 years of Mo Wax records, the label teamed up with a number of brands who had been crucial to the label, together with A Bathing Ape, Converse, Nike, and Supreme. For the Supreme collaboration, the duo determined a field-logo T-shirt could be the most appropriate option. These were limited to simply fifty items and have been only out there through the Mo Wax exhibition in 2014, held on the Saatchi gallery. As such a restricted piece, it’s now extraordinarily fascinating and doesn’t pop up on the market that often.

2. Supreme x Fender Stratocaster
Resell Price: £7000 (Variable)

Simply weeks ago now, Supreme launched their first ever collaboration with the legendary guitar brand Fender. The model of alternative was the Stratocaster – probably probably the most iconic guitar form ever. Supreme placed a box brand between the highest two pickups, and the rest of the guitar was decked out in all white, including the fretboard. The guitar retailed for near to £2000, and was extraordinarily restricted upon release.

1. Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk
Resell Price: £70,000+ (Variable)

This is without a doubt probably the most costly Supreme merchandise ever launched. It was a part of the brand’s official collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and retailed for round £60,000. Fairly crazy if you ask us. The collaboration is now considered an iconic style collaboration, and is very fascinating by celebrities around the globe. Even when you have the money to spare, it’s a hefty investment that you may not essentially make your money again on, but each to their own.

On That Note
It’s clear that some Supreme objects demand huge amounts of cash. Whether or not or not they’re a worthy investment is up for debate, as the price may fluctuate at any level in time. For the current period of time nevertheless, we are able to solely predict prices going up because the brand receives increasingly consideration.

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