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Hikers On Caribbean Island Of Montserrat Discover Historic Stone Carvings

Men Adolescent Male Summer Lapel YellowGreenHikers out for a stroll on the Caribbean island of Montserrat have found historic stone carvings that archaeologists believe may supply invaluable perception into the island’s pre-colonial historical past.

The petroglyphs – which appear to depict geometric designs as well as beings of some form – were carved into the side of a mossy boulder within the densely forested hills in the island’s north.

Petroglyphs left behind by the Caribbean’s indigenous peoples have been discovered throughout the area but till now had by no means been seen on Montserrat or nearby Antigua.

Locals stumbled across the carvings whereas hiking by the island’s densely forested hills in January, however officials delayed announcing the invention until the petroglyphs’ authenticity may very well be confirmed by researchers.

“We have Amerindian artifacts on the island, however had not seen petroglyphs,” stated Sarita Francis, director of the Montserrat National Belief. “These are the first, that we know of, that have been discovered right here.”

Preliminary analysis suggests Montserrat’s petroglyphs are between 1,000 and 1,500 years old, Francis said, though carbon dating will paint a clearer picture of the images’ origins.

On island stone nz social media, Montserratians commented on the petroglyphs’ similarities to these that have been discovered on St Kitts, one other nearby island. Mentore said that indigenous Arawak petroglyphs and different proof of pre-Columbian settlement have been as far north as Cuba, Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

Francis mentioned that she hoped further research will reveal the messages, if any, encoded within the carvings. “They actually add to Montserrat’s distinctive history,” she mentioned. “To the historical past of people being on Montserrat, all through time.”

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Archaeological proof suggests that ancient peoples first lived on Montserrat – immediately a island stone nz British Overseas Territory – between 2,500 and four,000 years in the past. Stone Island Arawak-talking groups later inhabited the island, but are believed to have vacated it by the late 1400s following raids by another indigenous group, the Caribs.

Montserrat, which is approximately 16km (10 miles) lengthy and 11km huge, came beneath British management in 1632. At this time, the majority of the inhabitants is descended from colonial-period Irish settlers and African slaves.

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